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Please see below for some more content from the Microsoft IT Showcase team.  It’s good to see the good work they have been doing to help our friends in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning in Action: Japan 2011

The Japan earthquake in March 2011 presented one of the greatest disaster-recovery challenges that Microsoft has ever faced. Contingency planning combined with process, organization, and technology strategies, quickly confirmed the safety of all staff and ensured the recovery of business to a working state over a weekend. The lessons learned from this event can help Microsoft further improve the model and can help customers and partners to plan for and cope with similar disasters.


Migrating the Microsoft Hong Kong Company Store to Windows Azure Simplifies Maintenance and Decreases Costs

Microsoft IT is working hard to migrate existing applications to Windows Azure and the commitment has been made to take maximum advantage of Windows Azure when deploying new applications. Gain a quick set of lessons learned and how they are being applied on the journey to Windows Azure. Training readiness and organizational preparation for Azure are also important topics which are covered.

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