Apply Now to be a Technical Learning Guide at Tech.ed Australia!


We are inviting applications from MCTs and MVPs to carry out the duties of a Technical Learning Guide (TLG).

TLGs are required to provide technical assistance to attendees in the Hands-On Labs room. Successful TLG applicants will be offered the opportunity to present one or more Instructor Led Labs and/or deliver an Exam Cram session.

Terms of Reference:

  • Hands-on Labs are a self-paced exploration or introduction to a particular product or technology within a managed environment. 
  • Instructor-Led Labs are hosted in a similar fashion but include a facilitated component provided by an expert in the given technology.  The presenter for the ILLs remains available to assist with the hands-on component of the ILL and will answer questions as required.  An ILL typically is of 75 minutes.
  • Exam Crams are certification prep sessions, delivered in “chalk & talk” fashion. These are 75 minute sessions.

In return for your TLG role, you will be given a free pass to the show.  You will be expected to work 16 hours in your role as a TLG.

Note : ILL & Exam Cram Presenters will work fewer hours on the floor.

Please note that this application is available only to active MCTs and MVPs.  As a part of the application process you will need to provide either both your MCT Transcript sharing code and password, or the URL to your MVP Profile.

Important Dates:

  • Application Open July 5, 2011
  • Application Closes July 15, 2011
  • TLG notification sent July 22, 2011

For more information and to Register –


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Comments (4)

  1. ivan says:

    Thanks for the details.

    Is there a TLG application link for Tech Ed 2013?

    Thanks & Regards

  2. oscar says:

    Hey Kyle,did Microsoft paid you to comment

    like this.

    I know what I know,I see what I see

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source

  3. Kyle says:

    Oscar – you do realise this is a Microsoft blog right? 🙂 – if you are so against MS – then why come here? (I realise I am feeding a troll.. but there you go!) and if you are an MVP or an MCT – then apply for the role.

    As for TechEd – I have been to many of them – as a paying attendee, a speaker, and crew – I can honestly say that everytime I have gone I have learnt something new, spoken to a new person and can trace about 70% of the business that I do directly back to contacts that I have made at a TechEd along the way. Every cent I have ever spent at a TechEd has been repayed in some way shape or form.

    If you are an MCT or an MVP the TLG experience can be agreat way to start the networking. In AU – MCT's are normally fairly insular to their own companies – but getting out and chatting with your peers can lead to some great relationships.

  4. oscar says:

    Jeffa,are you paying to me to be an attendee.

    Since when Microsoft is so generous.

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source

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