The History of Computing: Microsoft vs. Apple

This is a cool graphic of the history of computing from a Microsoft vs. Apple perspective.  Brings back memories of when I used a Mac Plus as my primary computer.  This was in between the times smoke was coming out the top of it!  Ah the memories…



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Comments (3)

  1. asdf says:

    As Ed says, that stock price graph is crap.  More accurate:…/finance

  2. Ed Crowley says:

    The stock price graph is meaningless because it doesn't account for splits.

    Adjusted for split one MSFT share in 1986 equals 288 shares today, so one 1986 share of MSFT is worth $6,912 today.  This doesn’t count MSFT’s dividends, but that isn’t worth much since they only started paying them recently.

    One AAPL share in 1984 equals 8 shares today, so one 1984 share of AAPL is worth $2,704 today.  So far as I know AAPL has never paid a dividend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a great illustration.  I'm having issues getting a good printout though, for my wall, on our HP T770 plotter, any way you know how to make this available as a file i can use?  

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