Windows Live SkyDrive gets an HTML 5 Makeover!


What’s not to love about Windows Live SkyDrive?  You get 25gb of free storage to share photos, upload documents and 5gb of storage skydrive1to sync documents across devices.  I use it all the time to share presentations, online webinar recordings and photos for the family back in the US.  Well we recently announced some changes to SkyDrive to make it even better.  The new update is built on HTML5 to make it faster, easier to navigate and a really cool experience for viewing photos.  The screenshot on the right is all my photos on SkyDrive at the moment and they just look fantastic.  Instead of loading in 3-6 seconds photos now load in milliseconds.  I also like the fact I can pin my SkyDrive page to the taskbar using IE 9 on Windows 7.  This makes it so much easier to get to the files I need quickly.


So it’s pretty cool the changes that have been made.  It’s faster, easier to navigate and a great platform for your photos.

Check out the summary video below for more.

Windows Live SkyDrive Update


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