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My good buddy Rocky is running an event in Canberra on Windows Azure.  It’s free and only available in Canberra at this stage.  Please RSVP to him below..

Event: Windows Azure: Getting from Idea to Reality

Date: Thursday 9 June 2011

Time: Afternoon session from 1pm-4:30pm Afternoon Tea provided

Target Audience: TDMs and Architects

Focus: Getting Azure apps off the paper and into the cloud. Beyond the brochure-ware to actual Azure deployments.


Intro to Azure Architecture and Development

In this session, we will discuss the Azure environment itself and how it operates. You will be given information on the various parts that make up the Windows Azure compute environment, the SQL Azure relational  data storage environment, and the Data Market data presentation environment.  We will explain their purposes, how to create applications for them, how to manage them, and how to deploy applications to them. This session will be a good architectural overview of the technology and how it works today so that you can begin using it.

Identifying candidate applications in your organization

In this session we will go over what identifies a good candidate application for an Azure based application. We will cover topics such as application usage patterns, data storage and manipulation patterns, application scale up and down requirements, reach requirements and data protection requirements.  These will help you to identify candidate applications in your environment in order to plan and prepare them to take advantage of Cloud computing.

Porting and Deploying your applications

In this session we will cover how to manage adapting existing applications for the Azure environment. We will cover the primary differences and tricky areas where applications may need to be updated in order to ensure a smooth integration with the Cloud. We will discuss the primary differences between what a locally installed application can do and what it cannot do in a Cloud environment. We will cover the differences between on-premise SQL Server and SQL Azure. We will also discuss how to securely connect your Cloud based applications with back-end and on-premise databases to ensure data sovereignty and protection.


By the end of the event you should have enough information on the Windows Azure and SQL Azure environments to be able to start adapting applications to take advantage of the power of Cloud computing in your organization.  Move beyond the Hype and Brochure ware, start taking advantage of Cloud Computing Today!

RSVP to RockyH@Microsoft.com



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