Microsoft IT Showcase: Heaps of new content available!


The folks over at the Microsoft IT Showcase team have been very busy lately releasing new content.  Below is a list of some of the highlights.

Microsoft IT CIO Office Scorecards – Delivering Dashboards From a KPI Catalogue

See a live demo of how Microsoft IT is managing and delivering scorecards to employees using SharePoint 2010, including Excel Services, PerformancePoint Services, SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 and other Microsoft BI products. We will showcase and share technical details and best practices of how Microsoft IT has created a solution to consolidate various scorecards and KPIs into a single enterprise catalogue and a BI portal.

Microsoft IT CIO Office Scorecards – Delivering Dashboards from KPI Catalogue to the Masses

Building the Next Generation Intranet

Microsoft IT is recreating its intranet to reflect people’s needs and behaviours—putting the audience at the centre rather than the publishers and organizations. The vision for Microsoft’s “Next Generation Intranet” includes a set of services that work together to deliver content to a common surface in a relevant, efficient, and personalized way.

Building the Next Generation Intranet Using SharePoint 2010

Consumerization of IT: How Microsoft Is Becoming a Social Enterprise

Watch this video to learn about Microsoft IT’s 3-5 year vision for transforming their intranet to provide social business capabilities. Of all the changes coming to IT departments, the move toward providing typical consumer services such as an internal social network has the potential of being both the most disruptive and the most rewarding. Microsoft is tackling this space using a combination of SharePoint 2010 and custom solutions to better connect employees, increase transparency, and simplify their intranet.

Consumerization of IT: How Microsoft is Becoming a Social Enterprise

How Microsoft IT Does Enterprise Architecture

Hear from Microsoft ITs Technology Office which is involved with day to day enterprise architecture planning and alignment efforts.  This involves collaboration between Microsoft IT and internal business partners to ensure proposed initiatives align with Microsoft corporate strategy.

How Microsoft IT Does Enterprise Architecture

Using the Security Development Lifecycle Best Practices at Microsoft

Attackers have transitioned from network based attacks and are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities in applications.  Microsoft ITs ISRM-ACE team discusses the process of building secure Line of Business applications. This talk shares lessons learned while evolving the process from pure code reviews to a more structured end-to-end approach by aligning MSIT’s Software Development Life Cycle to the SDL-LOB framework.

Using the Security Development Lifecycle Best Practices at Microsoft

Microsoft IT SharePoint 2010 Deployment Using Automated Processes

Microsoft IT recently completed its migration to SharePoint 2010. When sensible, the team automated its process to improve efficiency. Scripting is shared, including remote installs using Power Shell.

Migrating to SharePoint 2010

Testing Application Compatibility for IE9 at Microsoft

For the IE9 deployment, Microsoft IT tested more internal applications and websites than ever to ensure high compatibility for the internal launch. This is a discussion of that process and related challenges and best practices. Today, compatibility is higher than it was for IE8.

Testing Application Compatibility for IE9 at Microsoft

Microsoft IT Helpdesk – A Face-to-Face Revolution 

Microsoft IT decided to begin a pilot implementation of Microsoft IT Tech Link in 2009. It was so successful that they rolled out additional locations in summer 2010 and will be rolling out international locations in Fall and Winter 2010. Microsoft IT Tech Link has revolutionized the Microsoft IT Helpdesk, leading to higher employee satisfaction than ever and increased productivity. Microsoft IT Tech Link is a physical place in a Microsoft building, staffed and managed by the Microsoft IT Helpdesk.  Employees can enjoy no appointment necessary, face-to-face, expert notebook assistance when they need it. Each Tech Link also displays some of the current IT standard laptops for people to view and try out before they purchase one or to use while they wait for their PC to be fixed.

Microsoft IT Tech Link: A Face-to-Face Approach to Support


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