Tech.ed NA Day 0: What’s in the bag?

Today is Day 0 at Tech.ed North America or pre-conference day.  I’m still suffering from jetlag and had one of those morning were you wake up early and can’t get to sleep.  So I was ready to reasonably early and headed down to the Georgia World Congress Center where the event is being held to register.  With 6000 or so people attending this event I thought it was worth getting in early.  It was a smooth registration process with no issues at all.  I picked up the customary bag which was full of the normal conference goodies.  Below are pictures of the bag and what was in it.  None of which I’m going to keep.  Except of course the bag which is quite nice!

The Bag



The Contents

IMG_6729  IMG_6730

IMG_6731  IMG_6732

IMG_6733  IMG_6734

IMG_6735  IMG_6736

Like I said at least it’s a nice bag!

Tomorrow the real action gets going..


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  1. oscar says:

    Hey dude,talk to your masters,regarding IE9

    honey for the hackers,Cloud what ?.

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

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