New ASUS Windows 7 Slate

I think the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 is the first Windows 7 Slate that I actually want.  It has a Core i5 processor, up to 4GB of RAM, a 64GB i7eQERSvfWTMPz2k_500SSD.  They are not available in Australia as of yet but we have a couple floating around the office.  I had a chance the other day to have a quick look and it looks impressive.  I like the fact it comes with a Microsoft Arc Keyboard which means you can use it as a laptop if needed.


I also like the fact that it’s a full fledged PC in a tablet form.  Check out the videos below to see how it’s being used already.






Maybe I’ll just head on over to Amazon and order one!


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Comments (3)

  1. Erdal Ozkaya says:

    I had a chanse to play with it when I was in Seattle, its really gr8

    I am using a Windows 7 based Tega from Tega tech which is also really good, but the new I Core 5 is what is going to make a big chanse.

    BTW Steve Balmer is also using this PC 🙂

  2. pcunite says:

    Just make sure it has an IPS display and I'm ready to buy a Windows 7 Slate … my iPad is so slow …

  3. HiltonT says:

    G'day Jeffa,

    I've said since I first saw this months back, that it looks like the best Windows 7 slate option available – mainly due to the digitizer that will make *AWESOME* apps such as OneNote work well with handwriting.  I currently use a Toshiba M200 tablet (with a digitizer in it) and can't really see me moving to something I can't actually write on.  I didn't buy an iPad because of its inability to handle handwriting and the iPad Gen 2 is in the same boat, tho it does look a little more suited to various tasks (except web browsing).

    The EP121, however, looks currently to be beating the even newer Acer Iconia Tab W500 (with an AMD C-50 CPU, 2GB, 32BG SSD – half the required RAM and less than half the required storage) in specs *AND* in that the EP121 has a digitizer for true tablet functionality.

    I'm still wondering how long it is before I order one from Amazon just to get my hands on one for a decent play…  🙂

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