TechNet Professional Subscription: with 3 bonus months!

Starting on April 1st 2011 (no really) and going through to June 30th 2011 we are offering 3 extra months to the normal 12 month TechNet subscription.  It’s pretty good value and now includes 3 extra months free.  This for new subscriptions only.

This is a TechNet Professional Subscription which includes:

  • Full-Version software for evaluations only for 70+ Microsoft products with no time or feature limits
  • Priority support on TechNet Managed Forums with technical answers within 2 business days
  • 2 Professional Support Calls to help resolve critical technical issues
  • Microsoft E-Learning to keep your skills up-to-date and prepare for certifications
  • As well as additional support and productivity resources


If you don’t have a TechNet subscription as of yet; this Friday is a good time to start!


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Comments (5)

  1. oscar says:

    No me thanks.

    Microsoft Sucks

    Open Source Rocks

  2. Deonast says:

    So no plans for something similar for the Technet Standard subscription?

  3. Richard says:


    That'd be it. Thanks Jeff

  4. Jeff Alexander says:

    The promo code is valid in Australia but is not valid until April 1st.  Not sure if that's the country you are from…

  5. Richard says:

    Hey Jeff.

    The first point in the T's&C's says that the offer is only available in the US.

    Can you please confirm.

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