Should you care about IPV6?

We all know that we are running out of IPV4 address and we have to get our head around IPV6 as we make the transition.  We do have some time left but that window is rapidly shrinking.  I’ve talked about the need for IPV6 in sessions I’ve done on Direct Access in Windows Server 2008 R2.  During the transition we can use translation technologies such as 6 to 4, Teredo and NAT-PT.  But at some point those of us in the IT field will need to know about IPV6 and the implications the change is going to have on our businesses.  I found this graphic that explains it quite well and thought this was a good place to share.

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  1. JamesNT says:

    If IPv6 is so important, why doesn't TMG 2010 support it?


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