New IT Showcase Content: Work Smarter Guides

Our MS IT Showcase team has recently released some new Work Smart guides that we make available to new employees but now these clip_image001have been made available to customers so you can take advantage of some of these guides to help your users get productivity quickly when you deploy new technology.  We all know that a lot of organisations are either implementing new technologies such as Windows 7, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.   And one of the most important aspects of deploying any new technology is the impact this is going to have on end-users. If they lose productivity or find it hard to do something they are going to be dissatisfied with the new service.  So these guides help users understand the most common changes in new products that they need to be aware of.  So check them out below!

And to get a better understanding of the process we use for productivity training check out this 10-minute Work Smart Video.

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