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I don’t normally plug third party websites but I had to share this resource with you that I found out about on Twitter.  The website is Realtime Nexus and they publish digital e-books for free!  Yes I know for free.  It kind of threw me as well.  I’ve already downloaded The Administrator’s Guide to PowerShell V2 and today I came across this one on deploying Windows 7.  Here’s a bit of a synopsis.

In Automating Windows 7 Installation for Desktop and VDI Environments, author and Microsoft MVP Greg Shields reveals the steps required to automate Windows 7 installation. You'll learn exactly how to automate Windows for an OS migration project, whether from Windows XP or Windows Vista. You'll discover the steps to wrap your automated installation into a VDI infrastructure, enabling virtual desktops to be provisioned automatically and on-demand. You'll learn the tips and tricks for layering the Windows OS, enabling you to fix common IT problems by simply rebuilding the user's computer - all while maintaining their applications and profile information and without needing to resort to roaming profiles.

Chapters in this excellent new book include:

Chapter 1: Installation Fundamentals: Automatically Deploying Windows
without Customization (Available Now!)
Chapter 2: Creating a Universal Image that Installs Everywhere (Available Now!)
Chapter 3: Techniques in Installing Applications during Windows Deployment (Available Now!)
Chapter 4: Layering Applications On Top of Deployed Windows Images (Available Now!)
Chapter 5: User Virtualization: Tools and Techniques in Preserving User Data
Chapter 6: Automating Application Inventory and Overcoming Incompatibility
Chapter 7: Creating a Complete Solution for Automating Windows 7 Installation
Chapter 8: Integrating Automated Windows 7 Installation into VDI Environments

This is pretty timely for those of you out there deploying Windows 7 or are about to start.  Great resource to get your hands on!

Anyway this gives you some light reading for the weekend if the weather is bad.

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