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In November myself and John Pritchard will be running Windows 7 Application Compatibility workshops around the country.  Below is the official invite we will be sending to customers but I wanted to make this available to you on this blog as a reference.  There is a link to registration there as well.

Microsoft Australia is pleased to invite you to a half day Application Compatibility Workshop. Notebook_7_Jan2010 (2)

After attending this seminar you should have a clear idea of where to start in the process of evaluating the impact of application compatibility in your Windows 7 and Office 2010 deployment project. You will develop an understanding of the tools and methodologies available to support your deployment. You will learn about Application Lifecycle Management, Business Value Analysis, Inventory Analysis Tools, Remediation Options within Windows 7, Virtualization Options and more. The solutions for IE6 virtualisation will be covered, including addressing support and licensing questions, and a demonstration of IE6 running in a supported virtualized environment. During the workshop you will have an opportunity to discuss Application Compatibility with Microsoft’s deployment technical experts and network with your peers from other organisations facing the same challenges as you.

Venues & Dates:

Brisbane November 19th 2010
Perth November 23rd 2010
Adelaide November 24th 2010
Sydney November 25th 2010
Melbourne November 30th 2010
Canberra December 2nd 2010

About the Workshop:

You can manage application compatibility proactively by keeping an accurate list of all programs in use in your organization, creating an “application portfolio.” Whether your organization has a managed environment complete with inventoried applications, a full-time application management team, and a test lab, or if approaching the issue of application compatibility for the first time, you may find it difficult to know where to start. This session will explain the steps you should take to prepare for application compatibility testing and
evaluation during a deployment project.

For more details and to register, please click on the below link:

Microsoft Application Compatibility Workshop

Right now the agenda is looking roughly like this:

  • Application Compatibility Strategy:  Including the following
    • Windows 7 app compat strategy
    • IE6 to IE8 roadmap
    • Office 2010
  • Remediation Strategies
    • ACT 5.5
    • App-V
    • MED-V v2.0 Beta
    • Office 2010 including the OMPM, OEAT and OCI

The idea we have is to give you some strategy updates and guidance in the first half of the morning then go into some practical remediation strategies in the second half.

Please make sure you register for the event as seats are limited!  Hope to see many of you there!

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  1. Bob the very large numeral says:

    Looking forward to attending the Hobart session.  Oh wait…

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