Windows 7 Deployment: How Microsoft IT deployed the new OS!


Windows 7 has been out for 6 months now and according to the Windows Team Blog’s post we have surpassed 100 Million copies of Windows 7 sold.  I guess it would beclip_image002 safe to say customers are really liking the new OS.  It’s nice to see it on more machines when I’m travelling around or talking with customers.  The biggest question I get is how to I get Windows 7 out to my enterprise on scale.  We have a lot of resources on this topic but sometimes it’s great to hear about actual deployments.  Well before we
shipped Windows 7 our own Microsoft IT department was tasked with getting Windows 7 deployed to all machines within Microsoft.  As someone who has worked in MSIT I know this is no small task.  The great news for you is the Microsoft IT team has released a bunch of resources on what they did!  This is great information and I encourage you to have a look at if you are looking at a Windows 7 deployment project.

So check out all the content below!  It’s worth having a look at..

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