Free Virtualization Workshops coming your way!

Starting at the end of this month myself and Giovanni Marchetti will be running free 2 day workshops aroundVirtualization_bL Australia on Microsoft’s Virtualization technology.  The goal is to provide a 2 day workshops where attendees can get all the latest updates on Hyper-V, System Centre Virtual Machine Manager, System Centre Operations Manager, System Centre Data Protection Manager.  Plus you’ll be able to get your hands dirty with labs on each technology.  But before I share the agenda with you I need to make one important point.  The way in which we are running this event is using a Private Cloud infrastructure hosted out of Building 20 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond.  They are especially designed to host training, interactive workshops and proof of concept projects.  And during each event we will have a dedicated support person on site in Redmond to make sure everything is running smoothly.  As such we won’t be supplying local hardware to connect to the labs.

To attend this event you will need to bring your own laptop with you.  To connect to the labs you will need the Remote Desktop Connection Client 7.0 Update installed.  This client is built into Windows 7 and is a free download for Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 and SP2. We have already run these events in other countries and it works very well.  Each event is hosted in the local Microsoft office or a location with good internet connectivity.  So with those details out of the way let’s hope many of you decide to take up this offer.  There will be food provided and in each city we will be giving away a copy of the latest Hyper-V Resource Kit.  So to the agenda:

Event Overview

Two day workshop focused on Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtualization technologies.  The 2 day workshop will be a mixture of theory presentations and hands on labs.  Participants will walk away with a better understanding of Microsoft’s Virtualization technologies.

Agenda Topics

  • Day 1
    • Virtualization 360 OverviewWS08R2-HyperV_h_rgb
    • Evaluating the Environment & Planning:  MAP Tools and IPD Guides
    • MAP Lab
    • Hyper-V Architecture and Implementation – Hypervisor architecture, virtual disk and networks, security and licensing.
    • High Availability – 2008 R2 Clusters, Quick and Live Migration, Storage Implications
    • Lab:  Setup a 2-Node Hyper-V ClusterSysCntr_08_R2_3DR
  • Day 2
    • System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 – Creating a Library, Physical to Virtual Migration, Optimal Placement
    • System Centre Operations Manager – Overview and integration with Virtual Machine Manager
    • System Centre Data Protection Manager – Overview and integration with Virtual Machine Manager
    • Architecture Considerations and Best Practices – Sizing Servers, storage and designing for high availability
    • Considerations on Dynamic IT – Integrating Hyper-V, SCVMM, SCOM with PowerShell to build a dynamic environment
    • Lab: Setup SCVMM and SCOM

Dates and Registration Details:

Date: May 31st – June 1st
Location:  Microsoft Melbourne
Time: 9:00 – 5:00PM each day
Registration:  Click Here to Register
Date: June 10th – June 11th
Location – Microsoft Sydney
Time: 9:00 – 5:00Pm each day
Registration: Click Here to Register
Date: June 3rd – June 4th
Location – Microsoft Canberra
Time: 9:00 – 5:00PM each day
Registration:  Click Here to Register
Date: June 15th - June16th
Location – Microsoft Perth
Time:  9:00 – 5:00PM each day
Registration: Click Here to Register
Date: June 7th – June 8th
Location – Microsoft Brisbane
Time: 9:00 – 5:00PM each day
Registration: Click Here to Register
Date: June 21st – June 22nd
Location – Microsoft Adelaide
Time: 9:00 – 5:00Pm each day
Registration: Click Here to Register

Other Details

We are capping registrations at 70 participants per city due to room capacities and because we can take up to 40 concurrent connections to the infrastructure back in Redmond.  If we get more than 40 participants then we will need to double up attendees when doing the labs.  This will be fine as the labs work fine with a partner.

So with that I hope to see many of you at this free Virtualization event.  Did I mention it was free and you might win a book and you will get fed!  What more could you ask for!  I will be conducting the training in Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.  Giovanni will be covering the Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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Comments (3)

  1. Mark Grogan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I registered for the Brisbane event but with it reports that it needs to be "Considered for Approval"

    Is there someone that we can contact to help put a case forward for this to get selected?

    Would be fantatsic to go and be a huge benefit to up and coming work.



  2. Grant Charsley says:

    I’m keen to attend one of these workshops (Sydney)

  3. Jeffadude says:

    Hi Grant,

    You just need to follow the registration link for Sydney to register.  Are you having issues with this?

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