Windows Phone is Here!

Earlier this year we announced that we would be delivering a new Windows Phone based on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.  Well today is the day we are launching in North America, Europe and Asia.  And today we are launching with Telstra and HTC locally in Australia!  This means that right away you’ll be able to purchase really cool devices with Windows Mobile 6.5.  So what is new with the new Windows Phone?clip_image002

  • First of all we have focused on work and play - We know that people use their phones while at work and during casual and social times.  The new Windows Phone keeps you connected to the normal business applications such as email and calendaring; but now it does a great job of keeping you in touch with family and friends through voice, messaging, photo and video sharing.
  • The interface has been updated – The new interface is designed for finger touch and allows you to navigate your phone in a far more intuitive way.
  • A new Browser – Windows Mobile 6.5 includes an updated browser that makes website look the same on your phone as they do on your PC
  • Upgraded Email – Including support for Exchange 2010 and an integrated hotmail client.
  • Microsoft My Phone – this new service offers user automatic backup and online access to phone contacts, calendar, texts, photos, browser favourites and more!
  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile – This is the big one!  Windows Mobile 6.5 now includes a new marketplace with fun and useful high quality mobile applications.  You can now download applications directly to the device.  You no longer have to be tethered to your PC to install applications.  If your a developer then check out the Codemason’s Guild for information on how to get your application on to Windows Marketplace.

So it’s a special day in our 3 screen vision!  Check out the PressPass and the video below from Steve Ballmer!

And checkout the Windows Phone Australia Site at: for more details of phones available locally in Australia.

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