Windows PowerShell: 10 Minute Concepts


Windows PowerShell is something I’ve talked about and emphasized in many of my presentations on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.  Windows PowerShell is a management technology designed for ease of use by both system administrators and developers.  It’s often thought of as something only for developers but it’s something all system administrators need to get their head around.  Windows PowerShell V2 is available in box in both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 and as an optional download for previous Windows releases.

For Developers, Windows PowerShell in combination with Windows Management Infrastructure (WinRM, WS-Management, WMI) provides and awesome way automate server hosted solutions.  For example, if you implement all your admin logic via PowerShell, then layer the MMC GUI over the top which means PowerShell does all the work; then you give you customers the best of both worlds including GUI’s, scripting and delegated remote automation.

With PowerShell V2 there are many new features including the ability to remote sessions, debugging tools and an integrated scripting environment.  There are many resources available to get you started.  Check them out below!

So make sure you check out the resources available to you regarding Windows PowerShell.  Personally I believe it’s one of the most important pieces of technology we have released in some time and something System Administrators can use to automate everyday repetitive tasks.


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