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Well it’s that time of year again.  Another financial year has gone by and we are beginning to plan for the new year.  Well to be honest we have been planning for some time now.  But this time around I thought I would call out to the community to get your thoughts on a couple of areas myself and Deeps have been thinking about so that we can tailor events and content delivery that best meets your needs.  So what I’ve done is setup some simple polls on Twitter using Polldaddy.  Now some of you are not on Twitter so I thought i would post the links to the online polls so you have a chance to respond.

Question 1: Where do you get your technical Information on Microsoft products?

Link to Poll:

Question 2:  What type of content do you consume the most regarding Microsoft Products?

Link to Poll:

Question 3: What is the number one technical issue you worry about the most?

Link to Poll:

We really want to get your feedback because this will help us make sure that we target content to you that best meets your needs.  The polls are very quick and have the option to put in your own answer if you don’t feel the options I put in best describe the question for you.

If you have a moment I would really appreciate hearing what you think and thanks if you have filled in the polls.

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  1. Phil Persson says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I just wanted to pass some feedback back to you about one of my biggest concerns for Microsoft in Australia – HyperV.

    To be honest, there is very little marketing being done here in Australia with regards to Hyper-V. Most CIO’s and CTO’s completely dismiss it as a viable option simply because they perceive the competition to be much more feature rich and mature.

    Additionally, I attended an HP event recently (Technology @ Work) where a Microsoft staff member was speaking about Hyper-V and it was a complete disaster (I have no idea who it was). The speaker kept going on tangents and the audience (including myself along with a handful of co-workers) was totally lost with the message that was trying to be conveyed.

    I have some ideas on how to better market Hyper-V and also some technology improvements which should make it a better product. I would be very interested in speaking with you about these.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Phil Persson

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