Windows 7 in the Australian Outback?

Well maybe not completely the Outback but certainly in the country for sure.  Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been talking with many an IT Pro throughout Australia about all the goodness that is Windows 7.  The response of course has been overwhelming with many of you running it day to day on your productions machines.  And that’s what we were really going for when we embarked on this project.  To make it just work.  For it to be complete.  For it to do what you want it to do.  I hope we have lived up to that.  Based on the feedback we have been getting I certainly think we have.

To get more of you involved I blogged awhile back about IT Pro Momentum as a way to adopt new Microsoft technologies and many of you are enjoying the benefits.  Which brings me to a small computer reseller in kidaroyqldQueensland who provides computer services to his local community.

Rex Vivash runs R & B Computers in Kingaroy, Queensland which when I looked it up on the map is 985km from my  house and 207km from the Microsoft Office in Brisbane. Here’s a map of the location so you can get the idea.

So Rex runs a system builder shop and has been running Windows 7 since the beta and is now running on the Release Candidate.  So I got a chance to have a chat with Rex on the phone so he could explain to me how he is using Windows 7 and what he likes best about it.

Jeff:  So how long have you been running Windows 7?

Rex:  Well since the Beta came out really and at that time ran the 32-Bit version.  I’m now running the 64-Bit version with the Release Candidate and have found that runs really well except for an onboard video card that was in the machine.  I now have an ATI video card in the machine and it all works fine.

Jeff:  How many machines have you deployed Windows 7 on?

Rex:  Well 3 machines for now and one is my main work machine with plans to do many more.  I run my entire business on that including MYOBWin7_Ultimate_3DL_thumb_7A241A47 which is my accounting software I use to run the business.  I’ve had no issues and it seems to run much faster than Windows Vista on the same hardware.

Jeff:  “So Rex; what are the main benefits you are getting out of Windows 7?

Rex:  Well since moving to Windows 7 I’ve found it’s a lot faster for copying files.  Let me explain.  I have 3 different hard drives in this machine and have file spread out across the different drives.  I’m often moving and copying files around not only this machine but other machines on my network.  So 2 other features really help out with that.  The first is the new Libraries function which enables me to create custom libraries of data that sits in different locations.  This makes it easy to find what I’m looking for across different drives.  The next feature that helps in this situation is the new Homegroup feature in Windows 7.  This makes home networking a snap and is going to be big for my customers with more than one PC in there house.

Jeff:  So if you had to pick one feature as your favourite what would it be?

Rex: Well I would have to make it a tie between the new Libraries feature and the new user interface.  The user interface is just so much easier to use and I love the way Windows Explorer is laid out.

So there you have it!  That was just a small snippet of how one of our system builders is using Windows 7 today in his business to make himself more productive.  And it’s great to see this story coming from a country part of Australia rather than the big smoke as we call the cities down under!  And thanks goes to Rex for being so candid and willing to share your story mate!

I hope to hear more great stories as we lead up to RTM and beyond!  If you want to get involved with new technologies and want to know more about IT Pro Momentum; drop me a line and I’ll send you some details.


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