Details on Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Options!

Today we announced some details of upgrade options for Windows 7 and general pricing details.  Check out thisWin7_HomePremium_3DL_thumb_06FE7066 video from Brad Brooks who is a Corporate Vice President in the Windows Consumer Marketing division.

Announcing the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program & Windows 7 Pricing

I haven’t had any confirmations yet of local pricing in Australia as of yet but I will keep you informed as soon as I hear something.

We are getting close!

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Comments (2)

  1. Kyle Rosenthal says:

    hi Jeffa

    Looks like you might have been scooped on the AU pricing.

    If that is accurate then there will be a few justifiably upset people. The price difference between the AU and the US pricing is not a fair comparison IMHO – particularly the stepping between the upgrades and the full versions – the price difference steps in the different versions translate horribly.

    Please tell me that the figures quoted are wrong.. please please.. 🙂



  2. Phillip Malone says:

    Would be great if we got the same pre-order discount the US got.

    Having said that, my conspiracy theory is that the pre-order is meant to be limited, it will sell out quickly and MS will announce with the huge success of the Pre-order program, they have decided to make it pertinent or at least greatly extended!

    Everything sounds great about the Windows 7 bar the price! Bring it down to $100 and I will probably upgrade my two Vista boxes!

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