TechNet Magazine Online: July Edition Available Now

The July edition of TechNet Magazine is now online and features a great article by Mark Russinovich on UAC in  technetmagjuly09Windows 7 and what it will look like in the final version of the product.  Check out the details below along with more great information.

  • Identity and Access Management – Managing AD Users with ILM 2007 – We all know that enterprises have to deal with multiple digital identities to keep user data in sync between diverse directories and databases.  Microsoft Identity Lifecycle manager 2007 is a key tool to help keep all this data in sync.  Check out this article for more details of how you can solve this problem.
  • User Account Control – Inside Windows 7 User Account Control – UAC is a set of technologies that was introduced with Windows Vista with one clear goal in mind.  “To make it possible for users to run as Standard User’s”.  Sounds like a pretty simple goal right?  Well UAC has been one of the more hotly debated topics since Windows Vista came out and one that is often confused.  We know that Vista prompted to much and often confused and frustrated customers.  Check out the data we received from customers in this post from the E7 blog.  So in this article Mark goes through what we have done up until this point and the changes that have been made in Windows 7.  The article is definitely worth a read to understand what this key technology is going to look like in Windows 7
  • SQL Server – Understanding SQL Server Backups – Backing up database is critical piece in maintaining data integrity.  But there is confusion about the best strategy to use.  In this article Paul Randal explains the 3 most common types of backups you would use and how you can combine them for an effective strategy.

Lots of good stuff this month so make sure you set aside some time to have a look!


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