How Microsoft IT Does DirectAccess: New Case study available!

Recently I was at the 2009 Auscert Conference on the Gold Coast where Microsoft was a Platinum sponsor.  My self and Rocky talked about Windows 7 Security and one of those topics was the new DirectAccess feature in Windows 7 DirectAccess-Overviewand Windows Server 2008 R2.  We got a lot of questions about DirectAccess and in particular the security of the  solution.  Of course as you know DirectAccess is an always on connection to the corporate network for users running Windows 7.  This is going to be a great feature because there will be no need for a VPN to get access to corporate resources.

So given there were so many questions I wanted to make available some additional resources plus some details about how we are deploying this technology inside Microsoft.  I’ve been on the pilot for about a month now and it really increases productivity by not having to use VPN to get access to corporate resources.  So check out the additional resources and how we are implementing this internally at Microsoft.

DirectAccess Home Page
DirectAccess on TechNet

Microsoft IT - Using DirectAccess to Provide Secure Access to Corporate Resources from Anywhere

Although broadband services and Wi-Fi have dramatically improved, the connectivity experience for remote corporate users remains largely unchanged. Microsoft is leveraging the DirectAccess feature in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to allow seamless remote access to corporate applications and data for its employees. The solution, which only requires Internet connectivity and credentials, reduces costs by leveraging the Internet as a transport mechanism. It also provides a compelling user experience, enables unified access architecture, and offers strong host based security.
Technical Case Study

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