Free Microsoft Press E-Books!

Yes it’s that time again!  I’ve blogged a few times on E-books that have been made available by Microsoft press as part of there 25 year celebrations.  Well this time around there are 2 books on offer.  One for the IT Pro and one for the Developer.  Check out the details below and to register click on the picture of each book.

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kittspress

All the tools and technical information to help you setup, deploy and manage Terminal Services farms using Windows  Server 2008.

The Practical Guide to Defect Preventiondefectprevent

This guide helps developers build a process of best practices that helps to avoid defects during the development process rather than trying to fix them after the fact.

So check them both out and remember they’re free so it’s just a matter signing up for the Microsoft Press Connections Newsletter.

For more information about these books plus many more check out the Microsoft Learning Website.


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