Tech Ed Registration Site is Live and has buttons!

For those of you planning on attending Tech Ed Australia 2009, the registration site is now live so you can begin theteched09 process of convincing the boss that you absolutely need (emphasize need!) to go to this year’s Tech Ed conference.  But in all seriousness this year is going to be a bumper year with so many things happening around Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization, Windows Mobile and SQL Server plus many more technologies.

So head over to the registration site and if you are registering try to do that by July 14th 2009 to qualify for early bird registration.  If you register by this date you will receive $300 off the normal ticket price!

And if you do register and you are a blogger you can display a badge on your site to let people know you are attending.  This year we have a wide range of badges depending on your role in the community.  Below are some examples of the badges available.

Attendee Buttons

120x90_Attending   180x200_btnlg2_Attending

Speaker Buttons

180x200_btnlg2_CMeSpeak   180x200_btnlg3_ImSpeaking

Microsoft Certified Trainer’s (MCT)

180x200_btnlg2_MCTsAttend   180x200_btnlg3_MCTsHang

Microsoft MVP’s

180x200_btnlg2_MVPsAttend   180x200_btnlg3_MVPsHang

Of course there are many others so check out the badges section on the site to see them all.

So with the site going up and TechEd North America going on this week it marks the beginning of my track planning for the event this year.  This year I’m owning the Server part of the Windows Client and Server track and together we have a total of 40 session to offer you as part of this track.  So that means 20 dedicated to Windows Client and 20 dedicated to Windows Server. 

Just like last year I’m going to be asking for your help so that we can shape the best Tech Ed with content that is tailored to your needs.  As most of you know my first order of business will be getting rid of any overview or low technical sessions and making sure this track has a minimum technical level of 300 and above.  You have told us many times in the past that you want deep technical content and that’s what we plan on delivering again this year.  So as soon as I get the list together I will post a draft here on my blog.  But if you have any ideas please feel free to post a comment or submit your content using the Call for Content tool that Coatsey referred to in his post recently.

So with that our Tech Ed journey begins now!  Let us know what you want to see and keep the dialogue open with us so that Tech Ed is what you want it to be.

Off we go…

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  1. Tim Layton says:

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