TechNet Magazine Online: June Edition Now Available!

As we move closer to the RTM of Windows 7, compatibility of your  applications becomes an important issue becausetechnetmagjune09 at the end of the day users just want everything to work.  In the June edition of TechNet Magazine application compatibility is featured.  Check out this plus a few more highlights below.

Application Compatibility:  Inside the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 – This tool has been out since Windows Vista came it out and is essential checking if your applications are compatible with a new version of Windows.  Chris Jackson and Chris Corio take you through the new version 5.5 which adds Windows 7 support.

Application Compatibility: Planning your Application Compatibility Project – Yes the planning stage.  The bit everyone hates to think about but necessary in any project.  One of the biggest obstacles to migrating to a new OS is application compatibility so you need to design a project that reveals what applications are going to have problems.  Chris Jackson takes you through the things you need to consider.

Group Policy:  Automating Group Policy Management with Windows PowerShell – Group Policy is used in almost every Windows environment.  But you know what?  Hardly anyone automates the process.  This article explains how you can do just that with the API’s in GPMC and Windows PowerShell to automate Group Policy.

Active Directory:  Using Catch-All Subnets in Active Directory – We all hope that users are directed to the correct domain controller for AD authentication.  But that is not the case in most organisations due to IP subnet information not being correctly defined in AD.  This article can help out with this issue.

There’s more of course but these are just some of the highlights.  Check them all out if you get a chance!


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