New Windows User Group in Sydney!

Next week the inaugural meeting of the Sydney Windows User Group or SWUG will kick off with some great stuff around the Windows 7 Release Candidate!  So what’s the group about?  Well it’s all about Windows of course!  It’s all about talking about the Windows Operating system as it relates to consumers, power users and small business's.  Nick Rayner or Aussienick as he’s known on Twitter is running the group and is really passionate about technology and has got a good line-up of content for the next few months or so.  Topics such Windows 7 Updates; Windows Media Centre; Home Server and Deployment just to name a few.

So check out the SWUG website for all the meeting details for next week and make sure you follow SWUG on Twitter as well for real time updates!

And as an added bonus as part of the first meeting we’ll be running a Windows 7 loadfest! Bring a laptop with you and get Windows 7 loaded on it during the meeting!  Check out all the details in the post that Deeps did!  We’ll have heaps of Windows 7 RC DVD’s and even some Windows 7 t-shirts!  What more could you ask for!

See you there!

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    you have not given the correct url ! it is not as you put in the above article. Thank you kbia.

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