TechNet User Group Tour: Wrap-Up and More Resources

Over the last 8 weeks or so I’ve been travelling around talking to user groups and customers about all the goodness in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  The response and feedback so far has been very positive.  It’s very clear that you like what you see in these 2 exciting new technologies.  So with that I wanted to give you a summary of the event and provide you with some additional resources.  I always get asked if I can supply the slides used during the event so I’ll be attaching those to this post as well.

Event Summary

Number of Cities: 7
Number of User Groups: 14
Attendees: 800
Most attendees at 1 User Group
: 300 (Melbourne PC User Group)
DVD’s handed out: 300
Tour Duration:  Ran from Mid February through to the beginning of April

We had expected to get around 400 attendees so getting 800 or so was way cool and far exceeded our expectations.  It indicates to me that the buzz for Windows 7 is really high and the feedback I received during the tour was all positive.  And in most cities the events went for almost 3 hours!  You guys couldn’t seem to get enough!

Top 3 Features

  1. Performance – Everyone I spoke to during the tour who have installed the Windows 7 beta are just blown away by the performance of the Windows 7 beta!
  2. Problem Steps Recorder – Every time I showed this people were like wow man!
  3. Active Directory Recycle Bin – I had to include something from Windows Server 2008 R2.  You guys just loved this one!  Being able to recover a deleted AD object is going to save IT Pro’s so much time and money.

So I had a lot of fun talking to so many folks about all this cool stuff.  But we are only half way there!  The Release Candidate will be out soon and then it’s on to RTM so we have a ways to go yet.  I hope to get back to some of the user groups in Q4 and hopefully before TechEd in September so watch this space!


So I wanted to make the slides for each session I did available to you can download for future reference.  So here they are.

The next step for me is to record some screencasts of all the demo’s that I did during the tour.  So I better get on with it and get those going.  In the meantime please keep watching the Engineering Windows 7 Blog for all the updated news regarding Windows 7.

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