Earth Hour 2009: Saturday March 28th 2009


Earth Hour is in it’s 3rd year this year and promises to bigger and better for 2008.  What started as an Aussie idea  has turned into a global movement.  It doesn’t take much to participate.  Just turn off your lights for 1 hour @ 8:30PM on Saturday March 28th 2009.  And you don’t have to stop with the lights either.  Turn off the kettle, the oven or any appliance that chews through a lot of juice.  Last year I turned off all my computers for the hour and sat by candlelight and chatted to my wife.

So regardless of where you live why not join us for this hour that truly makes a difference.  And remember we are all just one person and it may not seem like you can individually make a difference; but when we join together we can do great things.  And for more inspiration just check out this short 3 minute video on the topic.

So sign-up and be counted at

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