Time to Thrive?

Here is something to start thinking about in these tough economic times.  In previous posts I’ve talked about what  120X240_Thrive_012109you can do to reduced your carbon footprint and how some of Microsoft’s technology can save you money.  But what about you and your career as an IT Pro?

In tough times good people will survive but the question is will you step up and thrive?  We have launched a campaign called “Thrive” that has resources to help enhance your technical skills, advance your career and help you elevate IT as a business leader.  So visit the Microsoft Thrive site and explore some of the resources there that can help you.  The site is broken down into 3 areas.

  • Career Care – Manage your career, connect with communities and expand your network.
  • Technical Competency – You probably have a bunch of Microsoft technologies that your not using or maybe not making the best use of.  This section will look at what you can do to save time and money with Microsoft technologies.
  • Business and IT Alignment – When I talk to IT Pro’s this is an area I always get questions about.  How do I make sure the business see’s IT as a strategic asset rather than a bunch of geeks in the back room costing he organisation tons of money?  When I was ihypergreen_btnn our own internal IT department we had to do this all the time.tco_btn

Two of the best tools I found on this site is the Virtualization TCO Calculator and the Hyper-Green Calculator  Click  on their respective buttons to find out more.

I don’t normally do these types of posts but I really think this is a good initiative and is something that can really help in these trying times.  Let me know what you think of this content and where it could improve.


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