TechNet Live! Feedback Needed

Well last week we ran our first ever TechNet Live! event in Australia.  For those of you that did attend I hope this format works for you and you got something gout of the event.  The first thing I wanted to do however was toTechNet_rgb apologise for not recording this event.  During the session a few of you asked about whether this event was going to be recorded and we had every intention of doing that.  I just forgot to click the record button which was my bad.  We will make sure this happens for the next event!

So with that we wanted to make sure you were given an opportunity to provide feedback on the event.  When you registered you would have received an Outlook Calendar invite.  In this invite there was a link to a survey about the event.  You may have missed it because there were other links in this as well.  So to make it easy for you please follow this link to fill out the survey.  If you did attend the event I hope you take the time to fill out the survey.  It helps us to shape future events and get an understanding of what content you would like to see at a future event.

Also if you have any thoughts on the format of this style of event please leave a comment against this post.  We want to try and run these events every couple of weeks if we can.  These will supplement the in-person TechNet Update events.

The next event will be on December 19th 2008.  I’ll post more details soon on that one this week and there will be details in the next version of the flash.

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