Screencast: SMB Protocol Comparisons

One of the biggest improvements in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista is in the area of file services.  Everyone needs to copy files and get access to file shares.  But in older versions of Windows such as Windows XP andWindows Server 2008 logo v Windows Server 2003; SMB 1.0 is the file copying protocol that is used for this purpose.  However this protocol was developed in the 1980’s and the first Microsoft OS that it appeared in was LAN Manager.  And of course in those days files sizes were much smaller so the protocol was fine for everyone’s needs.  Today we are moving much larger files around and the SMB 1.0 protocol often suffers in file copy operations.  Particularly in cases where there is high latency on the network.  The SMB 2.0 protocol was introduced in Windows Vista and is in Windows Server 2008.

In this screencast I’m going to show the differences when using each version of the SMB protocol when faced with latency over a 1GB network connection.  You can view the file below if you wish or download a higher fidelity version on TechNet Edge.  I’ve also provided some links to information that will go into some more details about these technologies.

Screencast: File Services in Windows Server 2008 (SMB Protocol Comparison)


SMB Protocol and CIFS Protocol Overview
SMB Protocol Specification
Next Generation TCP/IP Stack
Mark Russinovich’s Blog Post on file copy changes in Vista SP1

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    In a previous blog post I showed you some changes we have made to the SMB protocol in Windows Server

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