IT Pro Momentum: New Technologies Available!

IT Pro Momentum is an early adopter program for IT Professionals looking to get their hands dirty with the newest technologies to drive business value and further their career.  We launched this program last year and had some good interest within Australia and have some new technologies that you can get involved with.  But before I tell you the good bits what do you get by joining the program?

  • Discover and evaluate the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Pilot and deploy Microsoft beta products
  • Access Microsoft Beta product support
  • Connect with an international community of IT Pro’s through Momentum forums
  • Share you experience adopting a new technology with the IT Pro community worldwide and even get your story featured on TechNet Edge!

So I bet your eager to find out what technologies are included in this program.  Well check out the table below:


And the best thing of all?  It’s free to get involved with the program!  How good is that?

So if you would like more information on how to get involved send me an email at and I’ll connect with you to discuss.

It’s great way to get involved with some new technologies and get some support along the way.  What could be better!

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    In my previous post about the TechNet User Group tour I forgot to mention one thing.  If you are

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