TechNet Live! Feedback Needed

Well last week we ran our first ever TechNet Live! event in Australia.  For those of you that did attend I hope this format works for you and you got something gout of the event.  The first thing I wanted to do however was to apologise for not recording this event.  During the session a…


I’m at the Whiteboard

Yes as painful as it is to watch myself online; I’m up there presenting a new series in partnership with ZDNet Australia we are doing a series of “At the Whiteboard Videos featuring Windows Server 2008”.  The goal is to translate technology issues into solutions and educate the IT Manager and technical decision makers.  The…


Screencast: SMB Protocol Comparisons

One of the biggest improvements in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista is in the area of file services.  Everyone needs to copy files and get access to file shares.  But in older versions of Windows such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003; SMB 1.0 is the file copying protocol that is used for…


TechNet Live!: Coming Next Week

As the economic times seem to be affecting all of us we have been thinking of ways to get technical update information to you without having to hop on an airplane.  This also helps the environment so it’s win all around. Over the last couple of years or so we did regular TechNet Update events…


TechNet Magazine: December 08 Edition Online

The December Edition of TechNet Magazine is online now and this issue is all about interoperability; something I’ve been talking about a lot lately.  Here are a few highlights: Authenticate Linux Clients with Active Directory – This is great article that can help in this area if you’ve struggled with this in the past. Managing…


Security Bulletin: November Update

This bulletin give you details about new security bulletins being released today.  Please find links to them below which contains more information. Bulletin Identifier Maximum Severity Affected Products Impact MS08-068 Important Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. Remote Code Execution MS08-069 Critical Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server…


IT Pro Momentum: New Technologies Available!

  IT Pro Momentum is an early adopter program for IT Professionals looking to get their hands dirty with the newest technologies to drive business value and further their career.  We launched this program last year and had some good interest within Australia and have some new technologies that you can get involved with.  But…


Life at the Coalface

As IT Pro’s we are at the frontlines everyday.  Well it’s good to hear from some real IT Pro’s that have decided to trial a Podcast Series called “Coalface Tech” and it’s hosted by James Bannan from APC and Mark Wilson in the UK.  Both are IT Pro’s by day and write by night and…


Yes We Can!

Obama Wins!!  More at his blog.  It was great to also see Microsoft Surface being used by NBC’s Chuck Todd for predicting election results.  Frank blogged about so you can see more there. Technorati Tags: Politics,General Musings Jeffa


Security Resources Updated

As I recently posted we had an out of band security update released last week which means security right now is more top of mind than ever.  So with that I wanted to refresh your memory of some great security resources and some new ones that you might not have heard about. First of all…