Zune 3.0 Update

This week we released an update to the Zune Software and firmware for Zune devices.  Now I know we don’t haveZuneLogo these in Australia as an officially released product but we all know a lot of people have them here.  I have a Zune 30 original device and a Zune 80 that I got one of my trips last year to the US. I use this device all the time for music and podcasts and listening to the radio when I’m at the gym.  so this week we have released Version 3.0 of the software and version 3.0 of the device software.  We’ve steadily added new feature to the software and the device itself but this update give’s some really cool updates.  You can 246x423_120g_draco_glossyblack_usget all the details at www.zune.net but a couple stand out for me.

  • Games – You can now play games on the Zune!  There are only 2 right now but lets hope more will follow.
  • Windows Live Messenger Integration – Now you can show what you are listening to when using the Zune software on the desktop.  This has been in Windows Media Player for a long time so good to see they have finally put it in the Zune software.  I still think we should have used Windows Media Player anyway but that’s a different discussion.
  • More Play data – this is really cool.  When you go into now playing view you get much richer data like how many times a song has been played; sent to a friend or added as a favourite.  And you get this really cool view that changes as the music plays.

zuneSo if you have a Zune go and get the update as it’s worthwhile. 

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