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Today seem to be the day for new software.  We just released the Wave 3 beta of our Windows Live Services.  You can get everything you need at We are releasing a bunch of cool betas.  Check them out!

  • Messenger Beta – This is version 9.0 of the Windows Live messenger client and it looks cool.  The best livemessenger1thing?   You can be signed in on more than one computer!  Finally!  How many times have you gone to another PC for something and get signed out of messenger.  Well now you can setup messenger to keep you signed in on more than one PC.  And the conversations get saved in each location!  How cool is that!
  • Windows Live Mail – Starting to look a lot like Outlook
  • Photo Gallery Beta – Makes it really easy to get those photos off your digital camera.  One of the coolest features is People Tagging.  It helps you find people in your photos then add a tag for that person.  Then you can search by people tag and see all the photos of that person.
  • Windows Movie Maker Beta – makes it easy to combine videos and photos and publish them to the web.  You can publish to Soapbox or YouTube.
  • Windows Live Writer Beta – I’ve used this for awhile now and love it.  the new version makes it even easier to work with photos and videos.  Does this mean I have to blog more?
  • Toolbar Beta – add the search toolbar to help you search the web.
  • Family Safety Beta – I tried this in the past and found it too restrictive.  But I will give it a go again and see how it performs.  I tend to use Parental Controls that's built into Vista.  I’ll try this out and see how it compares.

So there’s some cool stuff for you to install and have a play with.  The really nice thing is the integration with each of these programs.  I’ll let you explore that one for yourself..

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Comments (5)

  1. Kyle Rosenthal says:

    Looking forward to it appearing on Downloads!


  2. Matt says:

    Hey Jeffa

    The downloads aren’t up in the download centre yet. Seems you work faster than some of your MS colleagues 🙂

    Agree about Live Writer. It is THE best way to write a blog for most any platform


  3. Eric Denekamp says:

    will these finally install on 64 windows server 2008? I sure hope so, if not it is already a wast of energy developing these nowadays.

  4. Jeffadude says:

    A couple of you have said the downloads are not up on the site yet.  They are there for sure at

    hope this helps…

  5. Jeffadude says:

    No this doesn’t install on Windows Server 2008.  I have seen on the web in the past ways to get around getting messenger on Windows Server 2008.  I’ve done that in the past myself.  It works on Vista x64 fine so at least we are on that platform.  The live stuff is targeted at consumers and our consumer OS’es. I haven’t heard whether this is going to change..

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