Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable: Vista Performance

I just wanted to let you know of an upcoming event with Mark Russinovich on Windows Vista Performance.  In the discussions I have with IT Pro's; performance is one of those blockers they have for not making the move to Windows Vista.  Later this month Mark is going to be joined by a panel of experts to explore some of the top issues that affect performance.  The session will be recorded so if you're not into getting up in the middle of the night to watch from Australia then you can at least watch at a more convenient time.

Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable
Under the Hood: Windows Vista Performance...Need Answers?

clip_image002Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of industry experts for a LIVE virtual roundtable to explore your top of mind performance issues, common misconfigurations, and tips on how to fix them. From boot times and applets to disk performance and battery life, find out how to optimize Windows Vista and what you can do to improve overall system performance. 

Submit your performance questions live during the event or send them in advance to vrtable@microsoft.com.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
9:00am Pacific Standard Time
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