My new mouse?

We have just announced to new Mouse products based on a new tracking technology called BlueTrack.  The idea is you can use the mk_em_otherviews01 mouse on virtually any surface.  Sorry glass surfaces are still out of the question.  That rules out most of the hotels that I stay at when I travel because nearly all of them have glass tops on the desks in the room.  it combines the best of optical technology found in most of our other mouse products with the precision of laser technology.  But the best thing is it has a mesmerizing blue glow all around the base.  And we all know that blue lights are goodness.  We make a normal Explorer Mouse for desktops and an Explorer Mini Mouse for laptops.  Very Cool.  I've always been a fan of the products that come out of our hardware team.  We make good stuff.

If you want to check out a more detail review of these new mice then check out this article.  There is also some good technical detail on the new BlueTrack Technology.

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