Screencast: Network Access Protection with 802.1x (Part 2)

In my previous post on NAP with 802.1x authentication I talked about setting up the server environment along with a switch that is compatible with 802.1x Windows Server 2008 logo h authentication.  In this screencast I'm going to talk about how to configure a client running Windows Vista SP1 and show NAP working.  Then I will show you some of the events that happen between the client and the server.

This gives you a good glimpse into how NAP works and an opportunity to see what happens when a client moves in and out of health.

Over the last few weeks I've been posting quite a few videos on my blog.  One thing I have noticed is it takes quite awhile for the page to load with so many videos on the homepage.  So to help alleviate that I'm not going to embed this screencast into this post.  Instead I'm going to point you to a link on TechNet Edge.  As much as I love to embed videos I wanted to make sure you had a good experience.


So to watch the video go to the following link:

Screencast: Network Access Protection with 802.1x (Part 2)



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