Today is World Environment Day

Today, June 5th 2008 is World Environment Day.  This year's theme is C02 Kick the Habit towards a lower carbonWED_LOGO_ENG economy.  So check out the website and in particular the 12 steps you can take to kick the C02 habit.

So today at Microsoft Australia to celebrate this very important day out Sustainability team which I'm a part of have a number of activities going on to raise awareness around environmental concerns.  The first is a presentation by Randall Pearce who is a volunteer speaker for The Climate Project which is Al Gore's climate change leadership program.  The second thing we are doing is handing out refillable bottles to all staff at Microsoft.  In Sydney alone at Microsoft Australia we go through around 400,000 bottles of water each year which is astounding!  So with the new refillable bottles we are asking staff to refill their bottle instead of grabbing a new bottle of water each time.  This should really help reduce our waste at the office.  I'm really glad we are taking these steps to make changes.  Below is a picture of what they look like.  It's like getting a new gadget don't you think.

sigg bottles

So today and everyday think about what you can do to help protect the environment because it's so important and doesn't take all that much effort to make the changes.  The smallest changes often make the most difference when lots of people do it.

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    Check out Jeff’s post on the World Environment Day events in our office:

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