Heroes Happen Here 2008 – Sydney Launch Event


Yesterday in Sydney we kicked off our Heroes Happen Here 2008 Launch Event to a sell out crowd of IT Pro's and Developers.  It was great to start the tour and finally get the content out that we have been preparing for months now.  I spent most of the day in the Security and Management track as I was the opening presentation and MC for the rest of the sessions.  I tried to make my way around and pop my head into the different tracks when I could herodudes and I saw most rooms full and very deep technical content going on.

In the Security and Management track we tried to change the trend of lots of PowerPoint slides and hardly any demo's.  Instead we said to each presenter to keeps their slides to around 15 to 16 slides and spend most of your time demoing the product.  After all this is a technical event and people want to see the product.  For those of you that attended in Sydney I would like to hear your feedback as to whether this approach works.

Even though the event was only yesterday we are already receiving heaps of good feedback.  Like we had a Mac/Linux dude attend the event who did a great blog post about the event.  It's great when we are able to really show customers what these new products can do and even better when we see perceptions start to change.

So if you didn't get a chance to go to the Sydney event or can't make the events in the other cities check out some of the cool resources we have so you can follow what's happening at each event.

Virtual Launch Experience
Twitter Feed
Flickr Photos of each event as it unfolds.  I even saw speaker photos up here before they finished there session!
Launch Events Site

And one correction from my session.  I had a question around the maximum memory that is addressable in Windows Server 2008 Standard edition and I said 8GB.  It's actually 4GB for the x86 edition and 32GB for the x64 edition.  You need to go to the Enterprise Edition to address more than 4GB or RAM in the x86 edition.  Check out this link for a comparison chart.

Now it's off to Melbourne for the 2nd event!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my work colleagues, Orlando Escalante , has posted a list of blogs of all the Microsoft IT Pro

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of my work colleagues, Orlando Escalante , has posted a list of blogs of all the Microsoft IT Pro

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