Windows Server 2008 Live Meeting: More Resources

A couple of weeks ago I did a Live Meeting broadcast for some folks over at IBM and have been finding out that  srv08boxpeople attended from all over the world.  But there has all been some comments and questions about the content that was presented.  First of all those that attended like the format and thought it was a great way to get information.  We certainly plan on doing additional sessions on all things Windows Server 2008.  Now to the questions.  First some of you wanted to know if we are going to do additional topics like Read-Only Domain Controllers, Terminal Services and Windows Deployment Services.  Well of course!  Please let me know what other topics you would like to hear about; whether it's on Windows Server 2008 or some other topic.  But until we get to those additional sessions please go to the following pages for more information on the topic.

For information on RODC's then go to the Active Directory page on TechNet
Terminal Services
Windows Deployment Services
Hyper-V also check out the Virtualization Team Blog
Windows PowerShell:  Check out this post as I have provided many resources.
TCP/IP links - Check out The Cable Guy's articles for in depth articles about the changes to TCP/IP in Windows Server 2008.

You also felt the Windows PowerShell demo's were a bit short and didn't help to convey with the real power of this new technology.  I have to agree but hopefully the link I provide above helps to do that a bit better.  But I will work on making these demo's a bit more compelling and relevant to IT Pro's!

Server Core question - The question was around the fact that Server Core does not have a GUI installed but could you still managing it with GUI tools installed on another Windows Server 2008 installation. The answer to this question is yes and I do it all the time with my server core machines from full installations of Windows Server 2008.  I use the MMC console to mange things like Computer Management, Event Viewer and the DNS console.  You can also use Windows Remote Management or WinRS to run quick commands and manage the Server Core Installation.  But the thing to remember is that by default Server Core installations are locked down by default and in order to manage them you need to open ports in the Firewall, enable Windows Remote Shell and Remote Desktop.  For more details on how to do this check out the Step-By-Step Guide to Server Core.

Other areas of interest included Hyper-V and the Quick Migration feature. Quick Migration is not Live Migration.  It's really host clustering and Rob Larson has done a great article on this that will give you some great information.

Hopefully this clarifies a few things for you!  Please let me know additional topics you would like to hear about and we will look at getting more Live Meetings off the ground so to speak..

Cheers, Jeffa

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