Techready 6 Update Day 0

Hey dudes,

Well I'm in Seattle at the moment for our annual geek fest.  It's called TechReady and its designed to get the technical field folks at Microsoft ready for all the new and upcoming technologies and to connect with their peers from around the world.  I don't normally come to this event in February because I hate the cold and rain this time of year in Seattle.  And you guessed it; it's cold and rainy!

Today we are at our team pre-meeting which is all the folks in my team; DPE getting together to chat about how we are going so far this year and to catch up with those folks we don't see all the time.  Of course Frank is here so it's good to catch up with him.  I'm here with Michael, Scotty, Jorke and Coatsey so we have a good Aussie contingent stirring up trouble!

But as I said it's coldweather.  Just check out the current weather right now...brrr...but given Windows Server 2008 is releasing this month it's an important time to come to Seattle..

Anyway I will post new updates as the week goes on and make sure if I hear anything cool then I'll let you know about that..

Cheers, jeffa

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m in Seattle for our internal tech conference, TechReady with heap of other aussie DPE folks;

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