Back from time off..

Well it's been over 5 weeks since I last posted here!  I've been on leave since Christmas and have only landed back at work this week.  What did I do on holidays?  Well for starters I tried really hard to stay away from email and technology in general.  I have to say I was reasonably successful.  I got back to work this week and people are going did you hear about that?  Did you read about that on my blog?  blah blah..I was like dude I didn't read blogs while I was on holidays.  We went to the beach, did a road trip to Canberra and another to Melbourne, played some golf and tried to think about other things besides geeky technology..

So I'm back and ready to go for the rest of the year.  Right now we are begining our planning for the rest of the financial year and getting ready for the upcoming Wave Launch..

So this post has no links of technical speak..I'm just back so I'll leave it at that..



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