Taking some time off..

Well we've come to the end of another calendar year and it's time to take a restholidays with the family, kick back and relax for awhile.  It's been an incredibly busy year this year and you know what?  I really need to have a break!  So I'm taking over a month off and won't be back until the 28th of January 2008.  So the plan is take some time out with my wife and kids, spend some time in Canberra with my extended family down there, go on a road-trip to Melbourne and hopefully hit the beach for some sun, sand and fun.

So with that I say goodbye for a month!  My OOF is going to kick in about 10 minutes and my email is going to be filtered elsewhere.  I'm going to stay away from my computer and try and do something else with my time.  Maybe a book, some golf...who knows..

So whatever you decide to do over the Christmas New Year season I hope you have a safe and happy time.

See you all in the New Year!

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Cheers, Jeffa

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