BIG November Meeting


The November Meeting of the BIG User Group is going to be all about High Performance Computing in Windows or HPC.  Check out the details below from Dugie!

Here is the invitation for our next BIG November Session.  This month we have local Microsoft all round good guy, Peter Fitzsimons presenting High Performance Computing with Windows for us.

So what is High Performance Computing?  Well think number crunching and distributed computing on a big scale.  Think forecasting, analysis, engineering, energy and government to name a few.      ...and you can use HPC with simple, trusty tools such as Excel!   Fast forward to 01:05:14 in this video: to see HPC in action.    
But my personal favourite is: .

As always an early RSVP will help with catering.  Please register on the BIG web site:  
There is no cost to attend, Pizza and drinks provided. Friends and colleagues are welcomed.

  • Venue: Microsoft Level 9, 1 Eagle Street, Waterfront Place
  • Time: 5:30pm for a 6pm start.

  • Date: Tuesday  6th November
  • Pizza at 5.30pm - Lifts close at 6pm!    (Call Fitz on 0414 987 192 if you get locked out.)
  • Close: Session generally closes by 8:00 PM. 
  • Cheers, Jeffa

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