October TechNet Update: Slides and More Resources


I'm two thirds of the way through our October Technet Update and it's been great to talk to those of you that have attended the events in Brisbane and Canberra.  Hopefully you have gotten something out of these sessions and taken away something valuable that you can either think about or apply to your own environments.

Many people have requested the slides so here they are.  The first images is the session on "Windows Network Policy Overview" and the second is the WSUS 3.0 session.  I've also provided some additional resources for each topic.

Windows Network Policy Overview

NPS Technet Update


Network Policy Site on Technet
Internet Authentication Service Site - Good for some background information as some of the technologies still apply in Windows Server 2008
Network Access Protection Site on Technet
NAP Team's Blog

Deploying and Managing Windows Server Update Services 3.0

WSUS_October Technet Update


WSUS page on Technet
WSUS Team Blog

If there is anything additional you need then please drop me a line against this post or via email.

Cheers, Jeffa

Comments (2)

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Jeff,  Thanks for the presentation in Sydney today.  Wondering if you could shed any light on why there are separate Categories for Windows XP x86 and Windows XP x64, but for Windows 2003 server, there is no separation between x64, ia64 or x86 versions, meaning that it’s a case of all or nothing when selecting updates.

    I have also been trying to use the WSUS API to produce lists of updates based on various criteria, and can’t find any way to programatically determine what architecture (x86,x64 or ia64) a particular update applies to.  I’m curious why this bit of information doesn’t seem to be readily available.


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