Windows Server 2008 Screencast: Server Manager


Hello again!

Time for another Screencast!  In my previous Screencasts on Windows Server 2008 I went through the full installation of the Enterprise version and a Server Core Installation.  In this Screencast I wanted to go through Server Manager and Initial Configuration Tasks.  Now that I have a fully functioning server it's time to get down to the business of managing it.

So firstly we have Initial Configuration Tasks which is all about shortening the time it takes to get a server up and fully functional on your network.  It allows the administrator to specifiy in a logical manner, operating system settings that were previously exposed in the Windows Server 2003 Setup, such as Administrator password, domain information and network settings.

Next is Server Manager.  Now Server manager has been in previous versions of Windows Server, but has been dramatically improved in Windows Server 2008, allowing administrators to manage all aspects of the their server from a single console.  I've been using Windows Server 2008 for quite awhile now and having a single management console makes working with servers much easier than it was in the past.  You can still use the individual tools if you wish but having the one console right there is much easier.

So onto the screencast!  As usual I've uploaded 2 options for watching.  Click the picture below to watch the SoapBox video and the graphic below to watch the stream.


Cheers, Jeffa

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