Windows Server 2008 RC0 Available!


Yesterday we announced the availability of RC0 of Windows Server 2008!  We are now getting really close to the product being finished.  Check out the download here!  This milestone is important for many reasons but perhaps the most significant is we are making a Community Technology Preview of Windows Server Virtualization as part of RC0.  This is significant because for the first time you can test our Virtualization capabilities in Windows Server 2008.

I have Virtualization running on my Shuttle server and it works really well.  One thing though if you are going to be testing this on the AMD platform you will need a F3 Revision CPU.  I had to upgrade my CPU to the AMD AM2 6000+ in order to support Server Virtualization.  This may change as we get closer to launch but that's what the deal is for now.

So this stuff is getting close so now is good time to start you evaluations and planning of Windows Server 2008.

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Cheers, Jeffa

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