20 Year Dinner is a wrap!

This week I've been in Seattle for my 20th Anniversary Dinner and last night the big event finally happened.  My wife couldn't make it this time around so my brother came over from Massachusetts to attend with me.  I've been here since Friday last week so we got a chance to play some golf and catch up with some old friends.  We play a really cool golf course called Mount Si  Golf Course which is about 45 minutes east of Seattle at the base of Mount Si and is very picturesque.

So onto the dinner...which was held on the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower Club on 5th Avenue in Seattle.  The views were spectacular as you can see from the photo below.  The night started off with a cocktail reception and then dinner at 7:30PM.  20 Year Dinner 003

As we were enjoying a relaxing drink I noticed Bill was in the room so it was time to position myself to have a chat.  Which was harder than it sounds.  After waiting patiently and chatting to a few people I finally got a few minutes to chat to Bill which was cool.  He asked what group I was in and said DPE was a cool group to be in and of course we got a photo.  Bill said he is doing the 20/25 year dinners and Steve is doing the 10/15 year dinners.20 Year Dinner 004

Then it was on to dinner and we sat at a table with a girl that works in our Accessibility team which is quite cool.  We had a nice meal and my brother found out that the women's room had the best view in the building because the whole area is made of glass.  Apparently they give tours to men who want to see the view!  I opted out of this one.

During dessert Bill did his speech which was very relaxed and a cool insight into the last 20 years.  He talked about all the major milestones and some not so major ones and gave his insight to Microsoft over that time and the industry in general.

So the dinner ended around 10:00 and on the way out we each got a wooden box full of chocolates.  I'll save that one for the wife when I get home.20 Year Dinner 009


20 Year Dinner 010

The good stuff..

20 Year Dinner 012

So now I'm on my way home and looking forward to it..

Time to get on the plane..airplane

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