SAGE-AU 2007 Conference: Resources

Well it's Friday afternoon and this morning I presented my Windows Server 2008 Top 10 presentation at the SAGE-AU 2007 Conference.  The SAGE guys and gals are a mixture of Unix and Windows administrators so a very lively crowd.  I promised a few of the guys I talked to to provide some additional resources particularly around Windows Powershell and Server Core.  So here it is.  Firstly click on the picture below to download the slides I used during the session.


Windows PowerShell Resources

Windows PowerShell Team Blog
Technet Script Centre
PowerShell Download
Windows PowerShell SDK - part of the Windows Vista SDK
Jeffrey Snover's book "Windows Powershell in Action"
Windows PowerShell:  The Definitive Guide
Free Windows PowerShell Book - Now this one is cool and I recommend you have a look at it if you are new to Windows PowerShell.  It was done by some colleagues in Microsoft Switzerland and really gets you going on using PowerShell.
The DFO Show on Channel 9 have lots of good videos on PowerShell

There are many more but hopefully this gets you started and if you find a good one I haven't listed then let me know.

Windows Server Core Resources

The Server Core Team Blog
Technet Webcast on Server Core
Step by Step Guide for Server Core

And if you are going to Teched 2007 on the Gold Coast please come along to my session on Server Core.

Cheers, Jeffa

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